Big Agriculture and GMOs: The New Walking Dead

March 13, 2015 // 0 Comments

By,Richard Gale and Gary Null PhD October 22, 2014 With the passing of every month, new discoveries and findings reveal further scientific evidence that the promises of GM crops and chemical pesticides are fraudulent.  Rather the verdict is out that Big Agriculture is ravishing the planet and the health of humans and non-humans alike.  Anti-GMO advocates have been warning of this global food and environmental catastrophe for over two decades. Now independent science, outside the halls of Monsanto’s and the USDA’s control and manipulation, are vindicating these voices.  Private industry has nothing to support its lies and false claims over GMO safety and benefits; therefore it is forced to rely upon dirty politics, crony lobbying, and character assassination of the leaders of the anti-GMO movement by corporate shills such as Mark Lynas and Patrick
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