Brian Shilhavy – Virgin Coconut Oil Helps Reduce Diabetes

January 26, 2016

A new study from India published in the Journal of Food Science Technology showed positive results in improving glucose metabolism in high fructose diets in rats. Coconut oil is a common dietary oil in South India, so the researchers wanted to compare the common refined copra-based coconut oil found in the market place with the less-refined “virgin” coconut oil which has become more readily available in recent years. The results were very promising. The researchers found that glucose metabolism only increased 17% in a high-fructose diet as compared to 46% for those rates fed a standard coconut oil diet. The study abstract is found here [1]. (Virgin coconut oil maintains redox status and improves glycemic conditions in high fructose fed rats [1]) Curing Diabetes with Virgin Coconut Oil Testimonials Read
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