Expat Files – 10.15.17

#1- Everything you need to know about hiring, firing and interviewing domestics, maids, and cleaning ladies. Interviewees are coming from a completely different lifestyle, world view and social situation than you, so then what questions should you be asking in a interview? How much should you pay? What about benefits, hours and time off? Will she want to be on …



Jackie Atkins love for nunchucks, running and success paved the way for her to become Executive Director of Research & Development with Bell Labs, two time Ringside World Champion, National Golden Glove Champion and entrepreneur that gives immeasurably to youth so they too can have the vital tools in life needed to attain goals.  Jackie tells Mark how she would …


Expat Files – 08.25.17

#1- Gringos with too much time on their hands often try to mold their Latin American paradise into a synthetic 1st world replica. The results are often not pretty. That’s one reason why we don’t recommend Costa Rica, Panama, and most of Gringoized Mexico. Why leave the states and turn your paradise into a lush tropical Cleveland with nice weather. Makes you …


Expat Files – 08.13.17

#1- Venezuelan refugees and illegals are becoming a problem for adjacent Latin countries. A few years ago, before the present crisis, Venezuelans traveled about freely, trickled into other countries and were absorbed easily and even welcomed. Nearby countries like Colombia, Peru and Ecuador were easy destinations to get to. However these days in places like Colombia, etc., Venezuelans are looked upon …


What Women Must Know – The Perfect Anti-Aging Worksout with Teresa Tapp – 08.10.17

The Perfect Anti-Aging Worksout with Teresa Tapp  Teresa Tapp is an exercise physiologist, nutritional counselor and savvy businesswoman.  Teresa knows how a woman’s body works-especially women over the age of 30. For the past 24 years, she has been chronicling her personal experience and collecting data from hundreds of female clients, developing exciting new insights on women’s health and fitness. …


What Women Must Know – An Action Plan for Treating Lyme and Chronic Disease with Dr. Richard Horowitz – 05.18.17

RICHARD I. HOROWITZ is a board-certified MD specializing in Internal Medicine. He and his wife, Lee, founded the Hudson Valley Healing Arts Center in Hyde Park, New York,      which has treated over 12,000 patients for tick-borne diseases over the past twenty-six years. Dr. Horowitz is known for his pioneering work with Lyme disease and is recognized     …


Let’s Create A Better World – 05.15.17

Dr. Ren is our co-host on the show today. She is a holistic naturopath and all around natural healer.  Along with co-host Bobby Elias they give a gave a thorough description and details of some very important health topics.  Those based on: Diet, Foods, Juices along with the Mediterranean diet, supplements, organic and veganism. She speaks about her new 6 week …


Love Lust And Laughter – 02.14.17

The perfect guests for this Valentine’s Day: Barbara and Michael Jonas, voted by PEOPLE magazine to be one of America’s Most Romantic Couples. They have created many romantic games – the first one and star is An Enchanting Evening. For free downloads go to www.TimeforTwo.com, go to downloadable games, choose one and put it in the shopping cart using the code Wiley (until the end of this month). These games encourage playful touch and supportive communication. You are giving your partner the gift of time…slow down…play the game. One female player said, “It’s porn for women!” Most people need emotional and physical intimacy where they can turn off the world and turn each other on. On this V-Day, always choose love, always choose love! You will be inspired if you listen to this show.