Amy Goodrich – Apple growers fearful that non-labeled GMO apples could tarnish the entire apple industry

October 7, 2015

Recently, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved the first genetically modified “arctic” apple, developed by the Canadian biotech company Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc., which is designed to resist browning. Check out the difference between a non-browning Arctic® Golden and a conventional Golden Delicious here: While apple growers fear the new apple, the company says these apples will prove to be very popular and increase the sales of all apples worldwide. They think that more people will buy apples when they are pre-sliced, fresh-looking and ready to eat. Read

The Gary Null Show – 10.06.15

October 7, 2015

Ray McGovern served as an Army intelligence officer and a CIA analyst under 7 presidential administration, from the John F. Kennedy White House to that of George H. W. Bush. Among his duties was preparing the President’s Daily Brief, which was a one-on-one to President Ronald Reagan’s most senior national security advisers. He was responsible for the analysis of Soviet intelligence regarding Vietnam and at one time served as the Assistant National Intelligence Officer for Western Europe. Since retiring from government service, Ray has been a vocal peace activist and journalist and helped create Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) to expose the way intelligence was falsified to “justify” war on Iraq. Ray’s opinion pieces appear in many leading newspapers here and abroad. He holds degrees in theology and philosophy from Fordham University, an MA in Russian History, is a graduate from Harvard Business School and has a certificate of theology from Georgetown University. His website is and more of his writings can be found on

Tom Philpott – These Emails Show Monsanto Leaning on Professors to Fight the GMO PR War

October 5, 2015

For a blockbuster recent piece, the New York Times’ Eric Lipton got a first look at a massive cache of private emails between prominent public university scientists and GMO industry executives and flacks. The emails came to light through a barrage ofcontroversial Freedom of Information Act requests by U.S. Right to Know, which isfunded by the scrappy, anti-corporate Organic Consumers Association. In addition to the correspondence uncovered by USRTK, Lipton used the FOIA to uncover emails showing close ties between former Washington State University researcher Charles Benbrook and organic food companies like farmer-owned dairy company Organic Valley. Lipton paints a fascinating picture of the place occupied by public universities in the PR and lobbying war between the agrichemical/GM seed and organic food industries. Read

Christina Sarich – PhD Says Monsanto Has Been Lying About Safety of Cry Proteins in GM Bt Crops

September 28, 2015

In a recent interview on Food Sleuth Radio, Dr. Hansen exposes Monsanto’s latest contrivance – that Bt toxic corn is ‘safe’ to eat. Dr. Hansen provides ‘clean’ science through Consumer Reports that has no private backing, and certainly none by the GM industry. Hansen states that biotechnology allows you to move genetic traits from any possible source – viruses, bacteria, animals, humans, etc. and put them into plants. This is what allowed scientists to make Bt corn and other Bt crops, and then patent them. Read

Russian Govt Completely Bans GMOs in Food Production

September 22, 2015

Russia has just announced a game-changing move in the fight against Monsanto’s GMOs, completely banning the use of genetically modified ingredients in any and all food production. In other words, Russia just blazed way past the issue of GMO labeling and shut down the use of any and all GMOs that would have otherwise entered the food supply through the creation of packaged foods (and the cultivation of GMO crops).  Read

Testing Foods for Glyphosate Toxicity is About to Be a Thing

September 21, 2015

Glyphosate has gotten some bad press of late, most recently for being named a probable human carcinogen by the World Health Organization. Use of glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, is at an all time high globally. But the weed killer, which is used on both food and non-food crops, is under fire because of health concerns. And as a result, testing foods for glyphosate toxicity may become a reality. The U.S. government may start testing foods for glyphosate residue as public concern over the pesticide mounts, according to Reuters. The U.S. Department of Agriculture tests for pesticide residue annually, but currently it does not test for glyphosate toxicity. Read

James McWilliams – When Big Ag Gobbles Up Small Ag Is There Any Hope for Real Reform? Sadly No

September 17, 2015

Perdue, the fourth-largest chicken company in the United States, is a giant among giants in the agribusiness world. Recently, it purchased Natural Food Holdings, which owns Niman Ranch, a niche meat producer known for its comparatively impressive welfare and sustainability standards. News of Niman’s acquisition was generally greeted with the big media equivalent of a shrug, but I think it warrants a stronger, more appropriate reaction: Panic. Niman was never perfect—its founder, Paul Niman, left the company when it outgrew his small-farm vision. But still, its 700-plus farmers working in 28 states maintain relatively close ties to the landscape, the animals they raise, and even the company that continues to set and enforce its standards of production. Read

Dave Murphy – University Scientists Caught Conspiring With Biotech Industry to Manipulate Public Opinion on GMOs

September 14, 2015

What happens when a private company with a long history of producing some of the most toxic chemicals on the planet and now produces our food starts facing public pressure from a growing national grassroots movement to label their products to conform with basic principles of democracy and transparency? Well, if the company in question is Monsanto, then you take a page out of Big Tobacco’s playbook and hatch a secret plan to enlist public university scientists to bury the potential harm of your genetically engineered crops by whitewashing negative studies and systematically demonizing your opponents in the media to mislead elected officials and the American public about the safety of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and their accompanying toxic pesticides. Read

Christina Sarich – Humanity’s Big Fight: The Corporate Ownership of Food and Water

September 8, 2015

Privatization and corporate ownership of our food and water is what is at stake. The greed that has allowed companies to create patents on food and to siphon off water and sell it back to the world is as disturbing as ever. Following are ways which a cabal is trying to control 2 of our most basic needs – food and water. The Overtaking of the Food Supply A cabal controls our food supply. If you haven’t heard about the massive Svalbard ‘doomsday’ seed bank that individuals and companies like Bill Gates, Monsanto Corporation, Syngenta Foundation, and the Government of Norway have created, then you might want to check it out. The Svalbard seed bank seems to foreshadow a massive food crisis on this planet. Read

Science must be protected from commercial interests

September 3, 2015

Science must be defended against commercial interests that attempt to get important papers on GMOs and pesticides retracted rather than encouraging further research to clarify any uncertainties, says an important new peer-reviewed paper published in Environmental Sciences Europe. The paper, authored by Drs John Fagan, Terje Traavik and Thomas Bøhn, details the events that followed the publication of the research study led by Prof Gilles-Eric Séralini on GM maize NK603 and Roundup. The Séralini study found toxic effects in rats, notably liver and kidney damage, from NK603 maize and Roundup, both individually and in combination. Read
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