iEat Green – Mary Lawrence – 03.15.18

Mary Lawrence – Author of Eat Vegan with Me: Creating Community Through Conversation and Compassionate Cuisine Author bio: Author Mary F. Lawrence is a vegan chef and wellness educator who works with a variety of clients, including self-described omnivores who enthusiastically proclaim that they never knew vegan food could taste this good! She is a board member of the American Vegan …


Leid Stories—It’s All Good News! Reports on The Big Hug; Keep Phoning In, PRN Is No. 1; Retreat and Advance Your Health—03.13.18

Get ready for some good news! Leid Stories reports on our “Big Hug” gathering yesterday at The Community Church of New York in Manhattan. Host Utrice Leid was invited give a talk at the historic church, and it turned into a major lovefest, with folks excited about  “seeing” other folks’ voices for the first time. A magical moment! The Progressive …


The Vinyl Experience – 03.09.18

VE 348 3 9 18 Count Basie Orchestra: Ducky Bumps Lambert Hendricks And Ross: Everybody’s Boppin’ Tony Bennett: Crazy Rhythm Harry Nilsson: Everybody’s Talkin’ The Band: The Weright Fleetwood Mac: The Chain Buddy Holly: Taht’ll Be The Day Bing Crosby: Please Carl Perkins: Everybody’s Trying To be My Baby Sam Cooke: Mean Old World Otis Redding: Day Tripper Marvin Gaye: …


Energy Stew – Gender roles and eroticism interview – 03.09.18

What would life be like without so much sexual heat in our society? We likely wouldn’t even be here if that urge wasn’t so strong. It’s unfortunate the urge also can make us nuts. Maybe if we were much more in our heads and not so much in our bodies we would have a safer world. We sure need a …



Josh Quigley intentionally drove his car 80 mph into a concrete barrier in an attempt to end his life.  Without barely a scratch – Josh miraculously survived his suicide attempt and realized he is greater and stronger then his depression and vowed to change his health and how society perceives mental illness.  So Josh devised a plan to cycle an …


Progressive Commentary Hour – 03.07.18

CONVERSATIONS WITH REMARKABLE MINDS   The psychology and swerve in the reality and threats of climate change, malignant normality, our resilience to survive, and he legacy of one of America’s great minds.   I am honored to invite tonight’s guest and one of our Great Minds —   Dr. Robert Jay Lifton. Dr Lifton is a distinguished pioneering psychiatrist and a long time anti-nuclear …


It’s All About Food – Caryn Hartglass, Truth and Food – 03.06.18

Caryn Hartglass, Truth and Food In this show, Caryn talks about truth, what it means, specifically when it comes to the truth about food. She also talks about news stories on jelly fish and she gives tips on flavoring your homemade soups and other dishes.           Download this episode (right click and save)

Red and black poster with fist

Black Agenda Radio – 03.05.18

Welcome to the radio magazine that brings you news, commentary and analysis from a Black Left perspective. I’m Glen Ford, along with my co-host Nellie Bailey. Coming up: A scholar and activist asks, when does support for prison and police “reform” actually amount to propping up these racist institutions; and, the mayor of New York City claims turnstile jumping has nothing to do with poverty. …

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Let’s Create A Better World – 03.01.18

David Serio, a nutritional biochemist, David has treated peiple with chronic illnesses for over 20 years. His specialty is cleansing. He speaks about various forms of cleansing, which is his specialty. His discussion is about a wide variety of ways of food, drinks and a healthy way of living. David emphasizes flax seed oils and also mentions other oils. Among …