Stephen Zunes – Millennial Apathy and a Possible President Trump

Despite the widely recognized shellacking of Donald Trump by Hillary Clinton in Monday night’s debate, polls show that the presidential race remains surprisingly and disturbingly close. There are a number of reasons for this, including the historical tendency for an incumbent party to lose support after eight years in office, and a shift among white working class voters who supported Barack Obama in the …


Leid Stories—One of These Things Is Not Like the Others, But A Godly Hillary Knows the Pain—10.03.16

She had tried to use the Sept. 20 police killing of 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte, N.N., as a campaign photo op and backdrop for her proposals for “end-to-end” reforms. But Mayor Jennifer Roberts asked both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Clinton’s main opponent in the presidential race, to hold off on plans to visit Charlotte so as not to further inflame tense reactions to Scott’s death.


DAVID ATKINS – Why Millennials Don’t Like Clinton—And What She Can Do About It

Hillary Clinton has long struggled with younger voters, but the problem now threatens to cost her the election. Clinton’s address to millennials this week underscored her awareness of how crucial they are to her chances in November. But her support from voters ages 18 to 35 has declined by double digits since August, raising an urgent question for Democrats: Why are millennial voters so …


Deena Stryker – Obama: Do What I Say, Not What I Do

President Obama’s final speech to the UN goes beyond any-thing anyone has ever heard in terms of hypocrisy: it’s too bad his Nobel can’t be parlayed into a prize for phoniness. It was a beautifully crafted speech — I’m sure he and Michelle burned the midnight oil to produce it — but I don’t think many leaders appreciated it. This …



After assuming Hillary Clinton would coast to victory, Democrats are shocked to find that she is in a virtual tie with Donald Trump in the polls. Trump in fact leads in a number of key swing states, like Florida and Ohio. The New York Times roamed New York’s Upper West Side, a liberal bastion, and discovered Democrats freaking out. ‘It’s like someone …


Sleepwalking into a big war

As the US presidential race approaches its climax and European officials ponder the implications of the UK’s Brexit vote, public discussion of security affairs is largely confined to strategies for combating international terrorism. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are trying to persuade voters of their superior qualifications to lead this battle, while European leaders scramble to bolster their countries’ defences …

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to the media during a news conference at the construction site of the Trump International Hotel at the Old Post Office Building in Washington, March 21, 2016.   REUTERS/Jim Bourg - RTSBJN0

Aviva Chomsky – Is Trump an Aberration?

Liberal Americans like to think of Donald Trump as an aberration and believe that his idea of building a great wall along the U.S.-Mexico border to prevent immigrants from entering the country goes against American values. After all, as Hillary Clinton says, “We are a nation of immigrants.” In certain ways, in terms of the grim history of this country, they couldn’t be …


Leid Stories—Detroit: Back to Monumental School Problems; Bernie Sanders: Still Shilling for Hill?—08.31.16

School districts all across the country are humming with activity, preparing for a new school year. Not so in Detroit, where the state’s largest school district, still under state-imposed emergency management, remains mired in a series of overlapping crises—fiscal, political, administrative and pedagogical—that appear certain to doom any hopes for a productive new year.

Nada Elia – Hillary Clinton is no feminist: Just look at her stance on Palestine

We need to scrutinise Clinton’s actions against the high standards to which she claims to aspire and ask what feminism has to do with it With Hillary Clinton now running as the Democratic Party’s official nominee, there has been much discussion about the glass ceiling finally shattering now that a woman is running for president on a major party ticket for …