Phillip Smith – Narco Nazis: Book Sheds New Light on Hitler’s Drug Use, ‘Amphetamine Blitzes’

A book published in Germany this summer adds new information to old stories about Adolf Hitler’s drug use and amphetamine use among German soldiers during World War II. The author even suggests that drugs played a major role in the war, proving decisive in some of the Third Reich’s military successes, but also leading a drug-addled Hitler to make decisions …


Energy Stew – We know life is improving in many ways yet we see so many destructive tendencies in our society – 09.11.15

My guest this week is Steve McIntosh, an important evolutionary writer whose new book, “The Presence of the Infinite”, offers new insights to bring more people on board in the quest for Beauty, Truth and Goodness.

He believes we’re all following spiritual paths, even those who don’t believe in spirit. Also science understands there are deeper realities we need to respect. He feels that these on profound levels we can more readily embrace an evolutionary drive in the pursuit of Beauty, Truth and Goodness.

Indian farmers

Thousands of Farmers in India Rise up Against Monsanto – Christina Sarich

Some have said that India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, arrived at the nation’s pro-GMO position with the help of generous campaign funding from a GMO lobby, but that hasn’t stopped thousands of Indian farmers from demonstrating against Monsanto and their biotech cronies in a massive grassroots movement that shuns anti-farmer practices and genetically modified crop farming. Shri Rakesh Tikait, National Spokesperson for the …