The Gary Null Show – 05.04.16

May 4, 2016

On "The Gary Null Show" today, Gary gave us great health and Healing news that you can read about when you click on the links. Listen to the show again to hear Gary's personal take on all this. Enjoy: Eating black raspberries significantly lowers cardiovascular disease Vitamin stops the aging process of organs A Mediterranean style diet decreases levels of the inflammatory marker C-reactive protein Eating too much red meat ‘can age the body’, researchers claim Grapes help counter negative effects of high fat diet Novel bitter melon extract show metabolic and anti-obesity effects: Study Frozen food products recalled over possible Listeria contamination New York City’s housing and homelessness crisis intensifies under de Blasio Australia, U.S. financially penalize citizens refusing vaccines Gary read his article on Vaccines on yesterday's show. Listen here: Is two hours of screen time really too much for kids? Gary talks briefly about the rumors regarding the doctors who discovered cancer enzymes in vaccines and how they were all found murdered. Don't pay it any mind, its all false. Gary goes to a break and plays this classic: Mack the Knife-Bobby Darin Gary comes back to finish the show with these topics: War on Drugs 'is an unmitigated disaster': Former Latin American heads of state VIDEO: The DEA is Top Drug Dealer in US and ATF is Top Gun Trafficker Gary talks to the audience about drugs and prison and then he brings on a Holistic Psychotherapist and Nurse Practitioner in Psychiatry. Her name is June Kiefer - Self Care Solutions. She will be coming in on Sundays to help out and here is her number: 631-981-8807

The Gary Null Show – 05.03.16

May 3, 2016

On "The Gary Null Show" today, Gary discussed these topics and then read from his great new article on Vaccines. Click on the links below to learn more from these great sources for you to open your mind. The Magic of Miso Prescription drug use is on the rise The benefits of optimism Just one teaspoon of this spice boosts weight loss by 50% The amazing healing properties of celery seed oil Lastly, Gary discusses his great new article that Richard Gale and Gary just wrote. Enjoy it here. Richard Gale and Gary Null – The Vaccine Dilemma: Unsafe at Any Dose

The Gary Null Show – 04.29.16

April 29, 2016

On "The Gary Null Show" today, Gave read this great article and gave his commentary. Then read the bios below of his great guests: Chemtrails: The Consequences of Toxic Metals and Chemical Aerosols on Human Health Vaccines: Guest 1: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is an osteopathic medical physician who incorporates integrative medicine in her practice for treating allergies, childhood illnesses and women’s health issues. Sherri is the founder and lead medical practitioner of the Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center in Middleburg Heights, Ohio. She has authored several books on vaccines including, “Fowl: Bird Flu, It is Not What You Think” and “Saying No to Vaccines: A Resource Guide for All Ages”, and her most recent DVD – “Flu and Flu Vaccines: What’s Coming Through That Needle” is an invaluable resource for educating people on influenza and the flu vaccines. You can contact her through , and Guest 2: Dr Gary G. Kohls Dr Gary G. Kohls is a retired family practitioner, who specialized in holistic (non-drug) and preventive mental health care for the last decade of his career. He has expertise in the areas of traumatic stress disorders, brain malnutrition, non-pharmaceutical approaches to mental ill health, neurotransmitter disorders and the neurotoxicities from psychotropic drugs, vaccines, environmental toxins and food additives. Since his retirement, he has written a weekly column for the Duluth Reader, an alternative newsweekly magazine published in Duluth, Minnesota, USA. Dr Kohls is a past member of the International Center for the Study of Psychology and Psychiatry, Mind Freedom International and the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies. His weekly Duty to Warn columns appear on many national and international websites and are archived at

The Gary Null Show – 04.27.16

April 27, 2016

On "The Gary Null Show" today, Gary goes over these topics to help you become a better you. Click on the links and learn more in one show then most people learn in a week. How diet influences our genes China pays price of western lifestyle with soaring childhood obesity No time to get fit? Think again Yoga may have health benefits for people with asthma Chronic inflammation leads to imbalanced blood system and potentially Cancer risk Vitamin D insufficiency, low rate of DNA methylation in black teens may increase disease risk Chronically ill for years – Aspartame Poisoning – do you have the symptoms 7 Amazing healing powers of aloe vera Gary takes a quick break and plays this classic jam: Earth, Wind & Fire - Let's Groove. Gary gives a preview of Friday's show on Vaccines and gives the number to call if you are not near the internet and need to listen 712-775-6850. Gary teases his next 4 documentaries coming soon. Starting on Saturday, June 11th, for 3 hours every other Saturday for 3 months, Gary will be taking on anti-aging and helping you regrow your hair and tightening up your skin and helping you get your weight down and body fat down to 12 percent. Then back to the show, Gary played these two videos: VIDEO: Prince EA - Can We Auto-Correct Humanity? - Why I Refuse to Let Technology Control Me. You need not delete your social networks or destroy your cell phones, the message is simple, be balanced, be mindful, be present, be here VIDEO: War on Boys - Whatever happened to letting "boys be boys?" Take these two cases: In one, a seven-year-old boy was sent home for nibbling a Pop Tart into a gun. In another, a teacher was so alarmed by a picture drawn by a student (of a sword fight), that the boy's parents were summoned in for a conference. In short, boys in America's schools are routinely punished for being active, competitive, and restless. In other words, boys can no longer be boys. Christina Hoff Sommers, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, explains how we can change this. Gary takes a call from a teacher about how boys are treated nowadays in schools.

The Gary Null Show – 04.05.16

April 5, 2016

On "The Gary Null Show" today, Here are the topics Gary discussed on his "Health and Healing" segment: Fruit and vegetable intake in pregnant women reduces risk of upper respiratory tract infection. Vegetarianism is on the rise but a lot of people are becoming flexitarian, also known as “semi-vegetarian,” which refers to someone who is vegetarian most of the time, but occasionally eats meat. From Headache to Jaundice, Sky-Blue Chicory Cures Liver Ailments. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Diabetic Foot Wounds. Gary took a quick break and returned with: Some of your religious beliefs might be stupid and are primitive. Are people dumber than they used to be? Yes and TV is one reason. It is intellectually and socially dumbing down young children. Former Chief Scientific Officer at the Department of Health, Dr. Peter Fletcher on the MMR Vaccine “One of the greatest scandals in medical history.” This leads into Suzanne Humpries, a practicing nephrologist (kidney physician) who tells you how the vaccine industry isn't giving people both sides of the story, and parents need to get informed before subjecting their children to vaccines that can potentially cause serious harm or even death. The video link is in the post. Smedley D. Butler, is a retired United States Marine Corps Major General and two-time Medal of Honor recipient. Based on his career military experience, Butler frankly discusses how business interests commercially benefit (including war profiteering) from warfare. He gave a great speech called "War Is a Racket." The video link is in the post.

Focus on the Facts – 04.04.16

April 4, 2016

The guest was Martha Rosenberg, an award winning health journalist and author of the book, "Born With a Junk Food Deficiency: How Flaks, Quacks and Hacks Pimp the Public Health." Many topics were discussed including the take over of the food industry by Big Ag and Big Pharma and the many drugs and chemicals given to the animals eaten by people in the US. The attempted censorship of the documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe was also discussed and the CDC's fraudulent study published in 2004 that covered up the link between vaccines and autism.

The Gary Null Show – 04.04.16

April 4, 2016

On "The Gary Null Show" today, Here are the topics Gary discussed on his "Health and Healing" segment: What happens when you drink colas? European countries as well as China and India have gotten fatter eating American fast food. How you can restrict your calorie intake. How tomatoes, which have lycopene, the red pigment in tomatoes, is successful at guarding against the harmful effects of radiation. How Citrus-derived Flavonoid (naringenin) prevents obesity. How an Asian spice could reduce Breast Cancer risk in Women exposed to Hormone Replacement Therapy. Gary then discusses his new in-depth investigative report on Vaccines. It is called: Why is the CDC petrified of the film "Vaxxed?" Please comment on it when you visit Progressive Radio's Facebook or Gary Null's Facebook.

The Gary Null Show – 03.22.16

March 22, 2016

Gary gives you the latest in Health and Nutrition. Gary then discusses the latest news going on in the world and plays a great You Tube video clip as well. Check in the link to watch the You Tube video.

The Gary Null Show – 03.03.16

March 3, 2016

Gary gives you the latest in Health and Nutrition. Gary then discusses the latest news going on in the world and plays two great video clips as well. The two clips are in the post when you open this. Enjoy.

Gary Null – HPV Vaccines: Unnecessary and Lethal

February 29, 2016

Every parent desires only the best for their children, which is why most parents insist that their children, primarily girls but now also boys, receive the three-shot series of HPV vaccines. Parents do this because there is the unchallenged assumptions that vaccine public mandates and physician recommendations are founded upon sound scientific and medical principles of safety and efficacy. This is not only true for the HPV vaccines—Merck’s Gardasil and Glaxo’s Cervarix—but for all childhood vaccines. Unfortunately, there has been very little effective popular opposition to the vaccination regime except by those parents who have witnessed these vaccines’ devastation upon their children’s developing brains and immune systems. The rate of autism in the US has now risen to 1 in 68. Yet at the same time parents are repeatedly told it is not the vaccines; the industrial food industry repeatedly tells us it is not the GMOs and toxic pesticides such as glyphosate; and the fossil fuel multinationals repeatedly tell us it is not the heavy metals spewing into the atmosphere from their plants. Rather we are consistently told that the medical profession doesn’t harm children. Vaccines save lives. Fortunately more and more people are awakening to these lies. Although there are a growing number of parents fighting the medical establishment, in some cases even winning, they nevertheless have to live with an injured child or teenager, frequently for the remainder of their child’s life. The very federal agencies that support an ever-increasing vaccination schedule—the CDC, HHS, FDA and Surgeon General—and the entire private medical establishment and physicians are complicit in a mutual denial that vaccine scientific review and regulation require a vast systemic overhaul before any vaccine should be pronounced safe and effective before entering the market.
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