The Gary Null Show – 04.23.15

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As always Gary is here to bring you the latest good news in health, healing, nutrition, and living a longer happier life. Tips on strawberries, meditation, and seratonin. Plus political, social, and environmental news and commentary, and a continuation of an extended exploration of vaccines with Suzanne Humphries.

The Gary Null Show – 04.20.15

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The Hidden Agenda Behind Mandatory Vaccination – the CDC, Big Pharma and the Vaccine Cartel. With Robert Kennedy Jr. and Robert Krakow.

What Women Must Know – A Mother’s Loving Journey with a Vaccine Injured Daughter with Karen Kain – 04.16.15

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Author and Parent Advocate for Special Needs families, Karen Kain has become a beacon of light carrying an inspiring message with purpose. In her memoir, “A Unique Life Fully Lived: A Personal Story of Love, Hope and Courage”,  Karen has written a mother’s loving tribute to her only daughter in her search to create a ‘full life’ for Lorrin,  wheelchair bound from 6 months old from a bad vaccination reaction leaving her a quadriplegic with daily seizures, non-verbal, blind and only able to blink.  Yet Lorrin lived to fifteen ‘full and unique’ years.  Karen shares  how she was forced to set goals and made decisions to create a life without boundaries.  The book describes the unique and extraordinary life experiences that Karen created for Lorrin and the soul connection between mother and daughter that continues to this day. Lorrin lived a full life: best friends, slumber parties, horseback riding, overnight camp,Girl Scouts, and attending the school prom resplendent in a pink satin gown complete with tiara.  She swam with dolphins, participated in the school play, and she and her canine companion won first place at her middle school Halloween dance contest.  In documenting their victories, challenges and sorrows and sharing the tools

The Gary Null Show – 04.13.15

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Why the pro-vaccine community refuses to openly discuss vaccine safety and efficacy – and the other strategies necessary to empower the vaccine opponents, with Alan Phillips.

NDC Savings Club – 04.01.15

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Today Show: Vaccine Safety and the Right to Informed Consent Guest Speaker: Sue Collins Co-Founder of (NJ-AICV) New Jersey Alliance for Informed Choice in Vaccination Founded in the spring of 1999, the NJ-AICV New Jersey Alliance for Informed Choice in Vaccination consists of volunteer parents and individuals who monitor vaccine legislation in New Jersey focusing on vaccine safety and the right to informed consent. NJ-AICV is an advocacy group concerned with defending the freedom of all New Jersey citizens to make informed, voluntary, vaccination decisions. Our goal is to protect the right to informed consent through education and awareness.   Health News Segment with: “Dr. Wald, director of Longevity at Integrated Medicine Today topic: DETOX DECEPTION – Part 2 of 5 Part Series, it’s life or death! Dr. Michael Wald, aka, The Blood Detective, exposes the truths and lies surrounding detoxification methods, approach and concepts. What are toxins? What is detoxification really? How does one detoxify different toxins? What are the right tests, and how does one really know, if they are or have detoxified? What are the detox methods out there that are worthwhile and which are worth-less? Download this episode (right click and

The Gary Null Show – 03.13.15

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From the environmental segment: an exploration of why the UN climate talks have wasted years. So you thought it was big tobacco that was the master manipulator? What about big sugar? A look at the sugar industry setting precedent for coverups. Also, Louise Habakus on a fight in the NJ assembly and senate regarding vaccines. And much more.

The UN’s Mercury Treaty Favors Corporate Wealth Over Children’s Health

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By, Gary Null and Richard Gale January 30, 2013 After almost four years of demanding negotiations, the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) announced that 140 nations reached agreement to begin ratifying the Minamata Convention on Mercury. The Convention will be an international binding treaty to reduce and eventually eliminate mercury compounds altogether from polluting industries, such as gold mining and fossil fuel plants, and many common household products. Overall the treaty is an admirable triumph. In many developing countries, mercury pollution is destroying the environment and causing rampant human illness. However fervent applause should be withheld.  One powerful alliance that portends to champion itself as the protector human health—the vaccine industrial complex—is resolved to assure that mercurial exposure continue through aggressive vaccination programs. To the delight all those corralled in the amphitheater of vaccine magic and wonder—the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the US CDC and FDA, the World Health Organization (WHO)—the treaty will exempt thimerosal (ethylmercury) containing vaccines (TCVs). So while sources of mercury pollution will lessen dramatically, hundreds of millions of child-bearing women, newborns and small children will be increasingly poisoned by

The Gary Null Show – 03.04.15

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An in-depth look at why we should not be drilling in the arctic ocean. The public comment period on the government’s plan to implement mandatory vaccination ends soon - why you should get involved. Eat at your own risk - FDA and GMOs. And much more in commentaries. Also, perceiving our world clearly to initiate systematic change, with Professor Glen Martin.

White House Petition Seeks to Ban Mandatory Vaccination Legislation

February 27, 2015 // 0 Comments

 By, Adan Salazar, A concerned citizen has launched a popular petition on the official White House website seeking a moratorium on legislation that may force Americans to obtain vaccinations. The all-inclusive petition entitled, “Prohibit Any Laws Mandating the Force and Requirement of Vaccinations of Any Kind,” appeared on the “We the People” site earlier this month, and has already managed to garner some 34 thousand signatures. “No human being should be FORCED to be vaccinated against their will and/or personal/religious beliefs,” reads the petition’s text. “I petition against making vaccinations of any kind mandatory. This includes forcing children to be vaccinated (Read
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