Visionaries – Hypermodernity – 07.15.19

Hypermodernity and the End of the World” by John David Ebert and Brian Francis Culkin, preface By Michael Aaron Kamins. This new book follows the sweep of cultural history from Modernism to Post Modernism to Hypermodernity. It looks are how the Internet is upending our world are we know it, fragmenting all. Kamins writes in his preface: “The Book of Revelation got nothing on this new Apocalypse by Culkin and Ebert. They are, no doubt, the real hype of cultural criticism today (so was John of Patmos). One is the Father of a new Americana of visionary-criticism and, from a modest casita in Santa Fe, must be sitting on the most valuable literary estate of a generation. I mention this last point because with nearly thirty books and 500+ YouTube videos—from film reviews and philosophy, to poetry and commentary on the “decay rate” of virtually all cultural phenomena [3]—John David Ebert is still practically unknown beyond a small but international “cult following,” and a tight circle of writers, artists, and meme madmen: a.k.a., the Hypermoderns


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