​NEW SHOW ALERT: The Conspiracy Guy – 12.28.16

The Conspiracy Guy #5: Imagine my surprise to discover that Wayne Madsen, whom I have touted as our nation’s leading investigative journalist, was going after anyone who thinks that Orlando was a hoax as well as the most recent research in JFK (as to whether the man who shot Lee Oswald in the basement of the Dallas Police Department may have been an FBI agent impersonating Jack Ruby), which he has dismissed out of hand. In the case of Orlando, it is because he has neighbors who have kids who have told them that they have heard other kids died there; and in the case of Jack Ruby, because he knows a reporter who was there and told him that Jack had brushed past him to shoot Lee. But that appears to be a flimsy basis in either case: third-hand testimony, in the one case, and a reporter who may have been fooled, in the other. After all, we have all been fooled, if the proof that Ralph Cinque has adduced pans out–and, from my study thereof, it looks persuasive to me. Even Paul Craig Roberts, our nation’s leading public intellectual, has expresses sweeping reservations about the Orlando story, which doesn’t add up. Since Obama has now signed a law that will enable the government to take down and even prosecute those who publish “fake news”, will they go after the mainstream media, which is its principal purveyor?