11 Quick Reasons to Dislike DuPont as Much as Monsanto

Sure, Monsanto is listed as one of the most hated companies on the planet, but what about other biotechnology giants such as DuPont?

This company has been terrorizing the planet for far too long, but they hide easily in Monsanto’s ominous shadow. It’s easy to lose sight of the other companies that are just as responsible for ruining our food supply and contaminating our water, soil, and air, as we just focus on a singular mammoth corporation. But we need to open our eyes to see the entire collection of carnage these companies commit – or to get to know the other rotten apples in the bunch.

DuPont is just as big in genetically-modified seeds and agricultural chemicals, and pursues largely the same policies as Monsanto with respect to pricing, IP enforcement, and other blatant, propagandizing, corporate maneuvers.

Here’s a little lesson in Dupont history. I hope you get to know them better by the time you’ve reached the end of the page.

Getting to Know DuPont

Dupont is in the biotechnology business, with their main products being chemicals. The corporation is one of the top ten companies completely strangling the natural world – and it needs to stop.

If that isn’t enough reason to put them on your watch list, here are 11 more.

  • 1. Every war the United States has fought starting in 1802 with the war against Tripoli (today Ubya) and the Barbary Pirates until the incursion into Somolia this last year, the American military has depended upon DuPont gunpowder.

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