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4 Important Tips for Growing Your Own Superfoods

For those who bother to grow their own food – a ‘radical’ act that has almost become necessary due to the GMO-laden land around us – the idea of consuming boosted plant nutrients is wildly appealing. Growing specific varieties of vegetables and fruits which are rich in phytonutrients, including anthocyanins, quercetin, lutein, and lycopene, for example, can help to prevent cancer, help us age more gracefully, and boost energy levels. Some research even states that the nutritional value of a single food we eat can be more important than the number of fruits and vegetables we consume.

One study, published in the Journal of Nutrition, even argued that older people who consumed highly nutritious fruit and vegetable varieties during a 12-year period had a 30% lower mortality rate compared to those who ate less nutritious fruits and vegetables. Getting some dirt under your nails when you garden is paramount to great health, but growing the right plants could be even more essential.

Power of the Plant – Phytonutrients

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