A Trojan Horse in the Home of Austerity – Pepe Escobar

Greece invented democracy. Greek mythology forged the way the West looks at itself. Greece even invented the denomination of this Eurasian annex – “Europa”.

“For it is only criminals

who presume to damage other people nowadays

without the aid of philosophy.”

Robert Musil, The Man Without Qualities.

Odysseus/Ulysses took ten years to go back home after the Trojan War. His descendants are now making history in the original home of democracy. And they are not going anywhere. They have already placed their Trojan horse in the home of intolerance and austerity. There’s no turning back from restoring dignity. And if the Muses rule it, it will be back to the drachma.

The so-called EU “institutions” – along with cosmically mediocre politicians of wealthy EU nations — behaved like barbarians all along, proving, graphically, how the whole Kafkaesque EU construction hates democracy with a vengeance.

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