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Alabama child services abducts autistic boys damaged by MMR vaccine; starves, forcibly drugs them in foster care by Ethan A. Huff

The cries of the innocent who seek justice in today’s America are reaching a piercing crescendo. Case after case of unwarranted medical child abduction portends a ruthless totalitarian future for every single parent trying to raise children in this country — this, as a result of growing oppression from a hostile police state that sees nothing wrong with ripping children away from their parents for no legitimate reason and throwing them into the foster system.

Such a harrowing scenario is exemplified in the ongoing case of Arnold and Alan Cullins, a pair of autistic boys from Alabama who were recently abducted from their birth mother without cause. Alabama’s Department of Human Resources (DHR), commonly known in other states as Child Protective Services (CPS), literally snatched the two brothers away from their mother not long after she was admitted to a hospital with cardiac issues, and is now holding them captive.

Alan, the older of the two, had reportedly been developing just fine until he was taken in to get his MMR shot at 18 months old. His mother Dawn reports that, afterward, he developed a high fever that lasted for a week, and instead of giving her instruction on how to properly care for the boy, doctors told her to give him a rotating schedule of both Tylenol and Motrin.

Tylenol, as you may know, which contains the active ingredient acetaminophen, was shown in this study to trigger autism in children who were recently vaccinated. Alan suffered further harm from this drug prescription, but the hospital would not admit him for care.

“I watched him shrink into a shell,” recalls Dawn about the damage her son Alan suffered at the hands of the drug and vaccine pushers.

Alan’s brother Arnold suffered his own developmental problems as a result of being born with hypoxia. His rough delivery also led to his arm being broken in three places, and along with his brother Arnold, he was diagnosed with autism.

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