Ali Abunimah – Is Trump bringing “white Zionism” to the White House?

Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s running mate, has weighed in on the controversy over President-elect Donald Trump’s appointment of the racist former executive chairman of Breitbart News as his chief strategist.

Under Steve Bannon’s leadership, Breitbart News “regularly published materials designed to stoke fears about African Americans, Latinos, Muslims and other groups, and to explicitly normalize white nationalist and white supremacist beliefs,” according to New York magazine.

This so-called alt-right ideology has been described by one of its key promoters as a form of “white Zionism.”

Bannon, who will be one of the most powerful officials in the White House, has himself been accused of making specifically anti-Jewish remarks.

“I feel like putting somebody into that chief adviser role who has a history of connection to white nationalists and anti-Semitism is very, very troubling,” Kaine, currently a US senator and former governor of Virginia, said in reaction to the Bannon appointment, The New York Times reports.

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