Allen Barra – The Nixon Effect, The Money Cult, Ratf**ked

“The Nixon Effect: How Richard Nixon’s Presidency Fundamentally Changed American Politics”
A book by Douglas E. Schoen

No American president has been more maligned than Richard Milhous Nixon, and none has more richly deserved it. Vindictive and paranoid, he is perhaps the most polarizing figure in the history of the office.

Douglas Schoen, a Democratic campaign consultant for more than three decades, isn’t out to defend the man: “For forty years, Richard Nixon has been held up as the symbol of all that is corrupt and wrong about American politics. Despite his substantial accomplishments, Nixon became reviled across the political spectrum.”

But, “Beneath the hatred, however, lies a different reality. The shadow of Watergate obscures one of the most consequential and even salutary American presidencies of the twentieth century.”

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