Alternative Visions – Debt & Recession Warnings Growing – 02.23.18

While the mainstream economists and business sources trumpet US and global growth underway, warnings about accelerating debt and recession from capitalist and more independent research sources are emerging as well. Dr. Rasmus reviews statements by Ray Dalio, CEO of the world’s biggest hedge fund, warning a 70% chance of recession, and by the OEDC researchers that government debt alone has risen $20 trillion more since 2008 just for OECD advanced economies (Another $20 for China and other emerging market economies). Rasmus adds rising net totals for household debt and even more for business debt mean debt levels today are worse than in 2008.  What matters, however, is the ratio of income(and therefore prices for assets, goods, and labor wages) to debt, Rasmus explains—as detailed in his 2016 book, ‘Systemic Fragility in the Global Economy’.  The show follows up on prior show topics of Trump tax cuts, war spending, the coming $1 trillion a year in US deficits (and debt), growing assets controlled by shadow banks (private equity, hedge funds, etc.), the now escalating interest rates by the Federal Reserve US central bank, and the intensifying attacks on public employee unions in pending US Supreme Court decisions next week. Rasmus forewarns his prediction in recent articles (see his blog, jackrasmus.com) that Fed rate hikes this year will precipitate a recession in early 2019.