Alternative Visions – $484B More US Bailout: Still Not Enough! What’s Coming Next?

Dr. Rasmus begins today’s show describing the latest Congressional bailout package of $484B just passed, expanding the prior $2.3T ‘Cares Act’ bailout just a few weeks ago. How much is direct money and how much is loans funneled through the Fed and private banks. Why It won’t be enough and what’s in the next bailout package already being debated for May. Jobless numbers now at 26m, going to 40m by end of May. The ways in which big corporations are gaming the bailouts and getting free money they don’t need, while workers, homeowners, renters, and small businesses are starving for funds due to Trump administration mismanagement. Why business interests & Trump are so desperate to force everyone back to work prematurely, almost ensuring a second and potentially worse wave of infections. Rasmus explains the bailout in general is designed to go through the Fed and the private banks, as it was in 2008-09, and why this will mean a very slow recovery under the best of assumptions. Why the Fed’s multi-trillion dollar money injections may yet fail to prevent a financial crisis and an even worse economic crisis. (check out Dr. Rasmus’s blog, jackrasmus.com, for weekly up to date posts on the virus economy and join his twitter feed, @drjackrasmus, for daily commentaries)