Alternative Visions – America’s Triple Crisis & the Organization Question

Today’s show invites former Sanders’ grass roots organizers, Nick Brana (senior staff member of Sanders’ 2016 campaign) and Jerry Perez (current field director for Sanders’ Our Revolution grass roots organization in Los Angeles) , to discuss the emerging formation of an independent political party in the wake of Sanders’ capitulation, who abruptly dropped out of the Democrat party primary race and endorsed Joe Biden. Rasmus briefly explains the dimensions of the ‘triple crisis’ today: the economic crisis now deepening; the health (virus) crisis accelerating the economic decline that began late 2019; and the political crisis about to intensify even further between the two wings of the corporate party of America—aka Trumpublicans and Democrats. Rasmus reviews the dimensions of the emerging political crisis and the recent trajectory of the Sanders campaign and its collapse. Guests Nick Brana and Jerry Perez discuss what’s happening now with the growing movement to form an independent political party. Brana’s ‘Peoples Party’ with 70,000 members throughout the US and Perez’s LA Our Revolution group and other interested OR groups current considering and discussing going independent. What’s happening at the grass roots with regard to independent party formation. (For more information, go to and to )


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