Alternative Visions – Bankers Warn of Global ‘Age of Disorder’ Coming

Today’s show discusses the recent confidential report issued by Deutsche Bank to its shareholders that the current pandemic and global great recession underway is a reflection and cause of an ‘Age of Disorder’ and the end of Globalization as we know it. The show discusses the Deutsche Bank note which reflects a widespread view among finance capitalists of the state of the global economy today, and likely in the months and years immediately ahead. Today’s show also provides an update on the ‘Not Negotiations’ underway in Congress between Democrats and Republicans over providing a next fiscal stimulus bill before the November elections, which is not likely in our view. Meanwhile the US economy and labor market in particular continue to slow their ‘rebound’ and the media prepares to ‘spin’ the data on GDP when released in October. (For my view of the true level of unemployment and the relapsing labor market in the US, check out my just published article, “America’s Current Jobs ‘Great Depression’, on my blog, jackrasmus.com)



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