Alternative Visions – Bernie Sanders Runs Again. What’s the LCCIP Alternative?

Dr. Rasmus welcomes guest, Nick Brana, to discuss Sanders’ announcement to run again for president and the legacy of Democratic Party’s leadership to prevent independent progressive candidates like Sanders. Former National Political Outreach Coordinator for Sanders’ 2016 campaign, and 1stElectoral Manager for the ‘Our Revolution’ post-2016 spinoff movement of Sanders’ staffers and supporters, Brana discusses the August 2018 ‘reforms’ by the Democratic Party leadership that are designed to ensure Party leaders’ control over candidates. Rasmus and Brana then discuss what’s behind all the Democrat candidacies for president announced in recent weeks as well.  In the second half of the show, Brana reports further on last month’s gathering in Washington DC of the new Organizing Committee for form a Labor-Community based independent 3rd party, the LCCIP: i.e. the new party’s program, its initial supporters (including celebrities like Cornel West, Oliver Stone, Chris Hedges, Abby Martin), its composition of AFLCIO union leaders and members constituting its organizing committee, and its plans to form local assemblies of community-union members as a dues paying member base.


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