Alternative Visions – Debunking 3rd Quarter US GDP + Trump’s Coup D-Etat Plan

Today’s show covers the two topics. In first half hour, yesterday’s US GDP preliminary numbers are debunked. Why the 3rd Qtr net growth is only 2% not 7.4% and why annualized numbers showing 33.1% should be totally disregarded as phony statistical exaggerations. What’s behind the 3rd quarter growth, industry by industry, why it reflects slowing momentum for the economy, not growth, and why the fourth quarter (and late 3rd) indicators reflect a possible negative 4th quarter. Definitely a ‘W-Shape’ trajectory and not at all a V-shape per Trump and apologists. Big factors driving a negative 4th quarter are no fiscal stimulus, resurgence of Covid in worst wave to date over winter, and political instability post November election.  Second half of the show addresses the growing evidence of Trump’s plans to refuse to leave office by stopping the mail in ballot vote count in swing states, with help of courts include his 6-3 majority on SCOTUS. The likely scenario is discussed, as the electoral college vote is 244 v. 248


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