Alternative Visions – Economic Contagion Channels + Trump’s Budget

Today’s show focuses on describing the channels of economic contagion from the China virus, both within China and from China to the rest of the global economy. Recent reports of the coronavirus infection/death rates rising again. Why comparison with SARS virus is inaccurate. Why investors and markets are trying to downplay the actual data. Broken supply chains, exports/imports decline, oil and commodities demand futures & deliveries, China’s currency devaluation channel, global shipping and cruise-airlines impacts, financial asset markets contagion—all likely to worsen in coming months. Review of estimates of impact on China GDP. Second half of show discussion on Trump’s proposed latest budget & why Social Security-Medicare-Medicaid will be main target after the November election. How Democrat party leaders are escalating their attacks on Sanders. Their strategy to select Bloomberg on the second ballot at the party convention. Why Buttigieg and Klobuchar are getting big money & Why Biden is toast already and Warren will withdraw after super Tuesday.