Alternative Visions – Election ‘Takeaways’ + Trump’s Election Challenge 4 Decision Points

Dr. Rasmus reviews the significant political & economic takeaways 10 days now after the election. Then discusses the four dates in December that amount to milestones for Trump to try to overturn the election. How each offers an opportunity for Trump to reverse, or at least delay, the certification of the election and create more political and economic chaos in the interim. Rasmus briefly also discusses what’s going on with Trump’s firings in his Defense Dept and national intelligence agencies? Is he preparing a foreign policy ‘October Surprise’ in December?  A review of key issues in the Supreme Court’s upcoming ACA decision & why tax cuts for the rich is really at its core. The Pfizer vaccine and its possible disappointment. The China-US Trade War deal one year after. The show concludes with comments on an early look at Bidenomics and why it will likely be Obamanomics 2.0 warmed over—and therefore insufficient to stimulate the economy in 2021


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