Alternative Visions – Global Economy Slowing & Financial Prices Deflating


Dr. Rasmus provides a review of economies worldwide that are appearing to slow: Germany GDP contracts -.02%, Eurozone slows to 0.7% overall. Brexit and Italy may worsen. Japan’s GDP retreats -1.2%. China’s officially at 6.5% (actually closer to 5%). How the central banks and monetary systems now subsidize the capitalist economies. And the most recent decline in global oil prices. Rasmus expands upon his view of ‘what’s financial imperialism?’, previewing his forthcoming article on the topic. And comments on the continuing faction fight within the US trade negotiations team on the China-US trade war. The show concludes with a review of falling financial asset prices globally—oil futures, stock and bond markets, commodity and foreign exchange markets. Emerging defaults at Sears, GE, Europe and India. US government and nonfinancial debt escalation. And trouble spots in junik bonds, BBB corporate bonds and leveraged loans.


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