Alternative Visions – Heroes Act Negotiations + US Financial Imperialism & China

Today’s show continues in more depth the discussion last week on the pending Heroes Act in Congress. Is it another mitigation bill, stimulus bill, or a growing subsidy for business bill. What are Republicans proposing to change the original House proposals in the bill? Senate Democrat responses in progress? What’s the true unemployment rate in the US today. Why has the $1.7T in corporate loans under the March ‘Cares Act’ not being taken up by big business? And why is only $95B of the Fed’s $1.7T liquidity provisions to banks being used so far? Is the bailout of households being converted to more subsidies for business? The show concludes with a discussion of how US financial imperialism works, and why Trump is now preparing to leverage it against China marking a new stage in the China-US economic war. Some commentary on Trump’s emerging 2020 election strategy: election fraud.