Alternative Visions – Latest Jobs Numbers, the Economy, & the Protests

Dr. Rasmus explains why the official U-3 unemployment figure of 13.3% is a gross misrepresentation of the unemployment rate. What’s wrong with the U-3. Plus the Labor Dept’s own admission that the 13.3% is distorted by the questions it has asked the jobless. Why the Labor Force participation Rate and Employment to Population ration show little improvement in the jobless situation. Why there is a brief phase of 2-3 months when the economy will not keep falling but level off and maybe recover 20% of the loss of the past few months, but why a W-Shape recovery longer term is on the agenda. Why most jobs won’t come back or return only slowly over the next 10 yrs.  Dr. Rasmus concludes with some commentary on his latest blog publication, ‘Confronting Institutional Racism’, and why (and how) the demonstrations and protests need to expand and grow organizationally, in terms of alliances, and in its demands—or it will go the way of the ‘Occupy’ movement of 2011 and ‘yellow vests’ in France in recent years. (Check out the article ‘Confronting Institutional Racism’ on Dr. Rasmus’s blog, jackrasmus.com or on Counterpunch, Znet, or Global Research public blogs today)


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