Alternative Visions – Liberal Art in the Age of Trump + Reflections on America on the Eve of Election – 11.02.18

As the midterms approach, Dr. Rasmus reflects on indicators of social decline in America that the media (Trump’s & mainstream) ignore: 60,000 opiod deaths, 45,000 suicides, and 33,000 gun killings now occurring every year; daily school shootings; how lies and fear increasingly permeate US life; decline in democracy indicators; escalating violence and inequality; constant wars abroad that never end; technology that is driving ‘mesmerizing individualism’, effects of social media and ‘screen time’ on kids, and the coming impact of AI, Amazon, and Uberization business models that will destroy 30% of jobs within the next decade. The US’s growing cultural fascination with zombies and dystopia in film and TV, misogyny in pop music, and decadence in dance; transformation of the two political parties into ‘Trumpublicans’ and ‘Lobbycrats’ and collapse of participation by those under 30.  Rasmus then discusses how liberal art (and politicians and the media) are failing even to address these trends of social decay in the current election cycle. Rasmus reviews Michael Moore’s documentary, ‘Fahrenheit 9-11’, the recent stage play, ‘Sweat’, and Robert Reich’s public lectures on the decline of civility in America—concluding how all three share a common characteristic of Liberal Art in the age of Trump. (Next week: The Meaning of the Midterm Elections).


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