Alternative Visions – Obama’s Farewell Address—What’s the Real ‘Legacy’? – 01.13.17

Jack reviews Barack Obama’s parting farewell address delivered this past week in Chicago.  Contrasting the speech event with his 2008 victory speech, this time the mood was not a celebration of unity but a warning of growing disunity and threats to American democracy in the talk.  Rasmus quotes from amazingly false passages like “America is a better and stronger place today”, “the wealthy are now paying their fair share of taxes”, “if disappointed with your elected representatives, run for office yourself”, the US remains “the wealthiest, most powerful, most respected nation in the world”—to which Rasmus offers alternative interpretations. Obama’s litany of accomplishments he announced are debunked, including references to ending the great recession, creating jobs, providing health insurance for millions, ending dependency on foreign oil, and saving the auto industry, among other topics.  The media’s oft-noted main accomplishments of his administration—Obamacare and Dodd-Frank banking regulation acts are critiqued in detail. (For more detail on Rasmus on Obama’s farewell address, go to Rasmus’ blog, jackrasmus.com, for the latest published article: ‘Obama’s Farewell Address’).  Listeners should also note the internet connection went down for about 5 minutes in the middle of the show, but came back up and the show continues. Next week: ‘Trump in Historical Perspective—Trump’s Origins in Nixon, Reagan, Bill Clinton, and the Teaparty’.

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