Alternative Visions – Rebound, Relapse vs. Recovery

Dr. Rasmus explains 8 reasons why the US economic ‘rebound’ will not be a recovery. Why jobs are not recovering at rate announced by government, while mass layoffs of permanent jobs are beginning to occur amidst recalls due to economic reopening. Other reasons for W shape rebound and relapse and not robust recovery is that the 2nd surge in Covid will depress economic activity again, the lack of a sufficient fiscal stimulus in Congress as the first CARES ACT dissipates, growing business and consumer negative expectations, global trade collapse with 90% of world economies in recession, business cost cutting, wage cutting and layoffs of the recent shutdown becoming permanent, intensifying US political instability in coming months, prospects growing of rising business defaults, bankruptcies, and another financial crisis in 2021. (for further detail analysis see blog and latest posted article on why the rebound will not be a recovery).


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