Alternative Visions – Sanders’ Movement: Where’s It Going?

Dr. Jack Rasmus interviews Paco Fabian, Campaigns and Communications Director for the ‘Our Revolution’ (OR) organization that has been central to mobilizing progressives and grass roots youth in the primaries for Bernie Sanders. Now that Sanders’ has dropped out of the race for the Democrat party nomination, what next for OR and the progressives movement?  Where do progressives who supported Sanders go from here? Rasmus and Fabian discuss the significance of Sanders’ campaign—including his recent abrupt retreat and endorsement of Biden. What’s OR’s own strategy and goals as an organization, before & after the Democrat party convention? What will OR do after the November elections, should Biden lose? How will it work to stop Trump if he’s re-elected? How will it confront Biden and the Democrat party moneybags if Biden wins and he introduces another ‘pro-business go slow, minimalist’ Obama approach to economic recovery?


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