Alternative Visions – Stock Bubbles, Bannon-Trump Rift, and Predictions 2018 – 01.05.18

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Dr. Rasmus provides his economic and political predictions for the coming year, 2018, including: flattening yield curve and recession 2019, slowdowns in autos, housing, retail, why the Fed won’t raise interest rates 3 more times in 2018why  health care costs are about to surge again, why the Dems won’t take back the Senate in November 2018, why Trump will fire Mueller, and how the Supreme Court will rule against union and worker rights. In the first half of the show, Dr. Rasmus explains in detail what’s driving the stock market bubble in the US and globally, both short term and longer term demand forces (short term: the multi-trillion dollar Trump tax cuts, the global economy, the low dollar, and structural shifts in stock markets toward indexing, passive investing, and ETFs. Long term. The massive subsidization of money capital by the central bank from 1986 to present and the continuing, equally massive tax cuts for corporations and investors from Reagan to Trump. Rasmus concludes with his analysis of what’s behind the Steve Bannon-Trump rift, and the likely fallout. (Next week: why the true dimensions of the Trump tax cuts exceed $5 trillion for businesses, investors, and the 1%).