Alternative Visions – ‘Taming Trump’- 11.25.16

‘Trump’s ‘faux’ populism from the right is replacing Obama’s ‘faux’ populism from the left. Rasmus discusses how Trump will govern on economic issues (tax cuts, trade, business deregulation) no different than past mainstream establishment politicians. But will govern more repressively and radically on social issues, especially immigration, law and order, environment, health care privatization (ACA and Medicare), and Education privatization. How Trump’s trade policy is still free trade by another name and his Infrastructure proposals will not boost jobs as promised. Rasmus argues Trump represents an attempt to forge a ‘Neoliberalism 2.0’, i.e. more intense economic support for corporations-investors amidst more reactionary social measures—to appeal to the establishment as well as his base. Examples of Trump’s retreat already, revealed by interviews this past week. Rasmus also reviews Trump cabinet appointments to date as well as those to soon come as indicators of how he’ll govern from two directions to placate his base and the Republican-business elites. Jack concludes with a review of the various measures by which the Republican-Capitalist elites will continue to pressure Trump on main neoliberal policies (taxes, trade, deregulation) to ensure they continue: his business conflicts, his foundation, his tax returns, charges of nepotism and alleged violations of law by him and his cabinet representatives.  For Trump’s taming, watch especially appointments to Treasury, State, and Defense.  NEXT WEEK: the upcoming Italian vote and the political unraveling of Europe in 2017.

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