Alternative Visions – Trumponomics 1.0: Initial Economic Effects of Anticipated Trump Policies – 11.18.16

Dr. Rasmus reviews the early effects of anticipated Trump policies, which are already significant: How the rising value of the US $dollar and long term interest rates, in expectation of Trump proposals for infrastructure fiscal spending, are already having major consequences for the US and global economies. Jack explains how the current rise in the dollar and long term rates ensure rising Fed short term rates, lower global oil prices, will result in a decline in US net exports and thus manufacturing production and jobs in the US. Why rising rates may negate Trump fiscal-infrastructure spending and job effects? How the rising dollar and US rates will have negative effects in Europe and Japan; will force China’s currency to devalue and accelerate a global currency war; and why Latin American other emerging markets economies destabilization will now intensify with more capital flight, currency collapse, inflation and recessions. Jack concludes with a discussion of Trump tax proposals to repatriate US multinational corporations’ $2.5 trillion offshore cash hoard by reducing their tax rate from 35% to 10%, explaining how that was tried with disastrous results already in 2005.  How Trump tax proposals are a continuation of established Republican neoliberal tax policy since Reagan and will mean another $4.5$ trillion in corporate tax reduction—following Obama’s $6.1 trillion corporate-investor cuts 2009-2013 and GW Bush’s $3.4 trillion handouts in 2001-04.

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