Alternative Visions – Trump’s Election Plan ‘B’?

As Congress goes home it now appears negotiations on a stimulus plan have collapsed, not just broken off. There may be no stimulus package before the November 3 elections. Severing negotiations means Trump’s plan not to negotiate with Democrats and Congress is no longer tactical but strategic. What’s the bigger strategy behind the growing triple crisis in America: Health, Economic and Political? Dr. Rasmus speculates on the elements of Trump’s strategy for November now taking form. How it assumes a continuation of the Covid, Economic, and Constitutional confrontation with Congress. What’s the possible role of a foreign policy crisis in October in a ‘Plan B’? With a deepening Constitutional challenge with the US House of Representatives. What are some scenarios possible after November 3? (Check out Dr. Rasmus’s blog, jackrasmus.com, and his twitter posts for day to day developments, at @drjackrasmus



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