Alternative Visions – UK Property Funds, Italian Banks, and Rising Global Financial Instability – 07.08.16

Jack Rasmus takes an in-depth look at crashing financial assets in UK property funds and growing insolvent Italian banking system. Are these early signs of post-Brexit emerging financial instability? UK property funds are refusing investors their cash, Italian government is planning more ‘bail ins’ of depositors money to bail out its banks, now $400 billion in the red, UK and Euro currencies are falling, and financial asset prices are under growing pressure everywhere in Europe. Will (and how) might it spill over to the US economy? How political instability in Europe from ‘Brexit’ and spreading ‘Euroscepticism’ are being accelerated by growing financial and economic instability in the UK and Europe.  Jack concludes with another take and critique of just released US jobs reports, showing how the two US jobs reports show dramatic different picture, how private job creation is being offset by public job losses, and why it’s impossible that involuntary part time jobs declined last month by 587,000. US jobs stats are increasingly unreliable, he concludes.

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