Alternative Visions – US-China & Stock Market Lemmings; Fannie-Freddie Privatization, Brexit Observations, US Jobs

Dr. Rasmus explains why US stocks gyrate on every public announcement concerning US-China trade. Why US financial institutions and markets no longer focus on economic fundamentals. What’s behind the Trump plan to privatize the quasi-government mortgage companies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Why hedge funds and speculations will reap big windfalls and how the home buyer rates on 30 yr. mortgages will rise and pay the price. Rasmus observes the class politics behind the ‘hard Brexit’ vs. no Brexit factions in the UK. The show concludes with analysis of the latest US labor dept. jobs numbers and why the jobs ‘lagging indicator’ is now beginning to show the US drift to recession, following down the indicators for US manufacturing, housing & construction, and business equipment investment. (For more analysis in print version, check out the just posted articles on unemployment, jobs and wages on his blog, at www.jackrasmus.com).


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