Alternative Visions – Is the US Economy Deteriorating? + Is Trump Really President? – 05.05.17

Jack Rasmus looks at some contrarian negative indicators that the US economy is stumbling: reports show productivity and fixed investment are nearly stagnant. Bank loans in 2017 are growing less than 3% compared to 10% in 2014-16, retail sales are negative last two months, the worst since 2010. Auto sales are declining three months in a row, worst since 2008. US labor force participation rate indicates 10 million fewer employed today. In the 25-54 age group, for every one worker looking for a job, three have dropped out. Monthly job creation continues its slowdown, averaging now only 150,000 a month—with no growth in manufacturing, construction, and government employment.  In the second half of the show, Jack discusses the theme ‘Is Trump Really the President?’, or just a figurehead spending his evenings tweeting and days signing Executive Orders, giving tours of the white House to friends, and interviews to reporters? Trump’s 100 days record with 180 degree reversals from ‘populist’ election lies to his latest ‘about face’ on NATO, free trade, China, Mexico wall, bringing back jobs, Putin, and all the rest. Rasmus compares and comments on the quality of US presidents from Nixon to Trump.

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