Alternative Visions – Venezuela Today: Eyewitness to Current Events – 08.18.17

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Alternative Visions radio welcomes guest, Pablo Vivanco, of Telesur Media in Latin America to explain what’s really going on in Venezuela as the Trump administration raises the spectre of possible military intervention in the democratic revolution in that country.  Dr. Rasmus describes the measures by which US elites and its deep state since the 1950s typically engineer an overthrow of governments, by wrecking first the economy of the country (precipitating recessions, inflation, food-medical shortages,etc.), funding political opposition parties and groups, then taking over government institutions, generating domestic unrest and conflict, and ultimately counterrevolution regime change.  Rasmus argues the US since 2015 has been ‘pivoting’ from the middle east to Latin America, as well as to Asia. Venezuela is now at the point of the US regime change spear in the western hemisphere. Journalist Pablo Vivanco is interviewed at length and explains what’s going on today with the recent election of a new Constituent Assembly in Venezuela and what it aims to accomplish as it blunts counter-revolution and regime change efforts by US and domestic business interests in Venezuela. The popular support for the Constituent Assembly, structured on grass roots organizations, is described by Vivanco and where event may be next leading.