Alternative Visions – Why QE Policy is ‘Dead and Dying’ and ‘Helicopter Money’ Is An Alternative – 08.05.16

Jack Rasmus explains why all economic indicators for the US economy are ‘flashing red’ except for consumer spending, driven mostly by surging household debt again in credit cards, mortgages, auto loans and student loans. Meanwhile, 7 years of continued low interest rates created by the Federal Reserve (and other central banks) are creating a crisis in pensions, insurance, and sectors of banking.  Jack explains why global central banks continue the massive free money injections for investors and why it is now destabilizing the global economy.  The UK central bank’s just announced new QE2 program is described and critiqued, as the European Central Bank continues to expand its QE, and the Bank of Japan does the same. Why Global capitalists are beginning to rethink the reliance on free money via QEs and reconsider some form of fiscal stimulus, which Jack predicts is coming in 2017 as interest rates rise.  What form will the new fiscal stimulus take? One discussed is ‘helicopter money’—i.e. QE for Main St. Jack concludes with explaining helicopter money and his recent proposal to US Green party presidential candidate, Jill Stein, to use it to expunge most of the US $1.3 trillion student debt.

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