michael albert

Alternative Visions – Z-School Radical Online School Launched + ‘Are Inter-Capitalist Rivalries Intensifying? – 03.28.15

Jack Rasmus and Alternative Visions show returns to air with new shows.  A two part show re-launches Alternative Visions today. In the first part, Jack interviews long time progressive activist, writer, journalist and educator, Michael Albert, of the ‘Z Collective’ to explain the new radical political online school being launched starting next week, called ‘Z School’. Z school is a new addition to the ‘Z’ media network consisting of ‘Z magazine’, ‘Znet’ global blog, and the recently established journalist reporting by Z writers for South America’s new tv network, ‘teleSUR’.   Albert explains how Z School works, providing online practical, progressive, political education classes by long-term seasoned activists from around the world for interested participants. Low cost, lower cost, and no cost classes are available.  If interested, more information on Z school, to start in April, is available by going to: https://zcomm.org/zschool/moodle .  In the second half of today’s show, Jack discusses examples of growing inter-capitalist competition globally, now beginning to assume new, more aggressive forms as US, European, Japan, and OPEC countries and capitalists are now beginning to embrace more aggressive forms of competition with each other, as the slowing global economy forces them into ‘beggar their (capitalist) neighbors’ in an ever-desperate seeking of fading economic growth.

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