Amanda Marcotte – Texas Will Now Require Funeral Services Whenever a Woman Has an Abortion or a Miscarriage

In June anti-choice activists in Texas suffered a serious setback in their attempts to make abortion as miserable as possible for women. That was when the Supreme Court overturned a series of medically unnecessary regulations enacted for no other reason than to make abortion more onerous, time-consuming and expensive for women.

But Texas conservatives are still determined to find ways to punish women who fail to bring a pregnancy to term. This time around, it won’t just be women who get abortions who will suffer, but also women who have miscarriages.

In early July shortly after the state lost in its efforts to make abortion pointlessly miserable and expensive, state health officials quietly proposed new rules requiring what amounts to funeral arrangements any time a woman loses or terminates a pregnancy outside of her home. Now the funerals-for-embryos rule will be in effect before the end of the year.

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