Americans Have a Chance to Declare Independence from the Corporate Oligarchy – John Atcheson

For the first time in a very long time, a candidate who represents the average citizen appears to have an outside shot at winning the Presidency.  Will we have the good sense to elect him?

First the facts.

If you were to examine which candidate most closely represents the expressed will of the people – including the voters — it would be Bernie Sanders.

  • Bernie favors raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans – so do nearly 70% of Americans;
  • Bernie advocates closing overseas tax loopholes for corporations – so do 85% of Americas corporate leaders and 68% of the voters;
  • Bernie favors aggressive campaign finance reform – over half of the voters agree with him;
  • Bernie wants to expand Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid – so do the vast majority of America’s voters (Republican candidates have been trying to cut them since they were passed, and Hillary? She’s been all over the place on these issues);
  • Bernie wants to cut subsidies to the fossil fuel industry, but he supports them for renewable energy – so do the vast majority of American voters.

Pick an issue, any issue, and Bernie and the majority of American people are likely to be in lockstep. Financial reform, income disparity, health care policy, jobs, foreign policy, economic policy, climate change, environmental protection — even on the so-called wedge issues such as gay marriage, abortion etc – for the most part the majority of voters agree with Bernie.

We know this agreement is real, because Mr. Sanders speaks in clear, unequivocal language about what his positions are on the issues of the day.

Where’s Hillary Clinton on the Issues?

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