ANDREW LEVINE – Hillary Out and the Donald In: Good, Bad, or Impossible to Say?

Add this to the reasons why I hate Hillary: I was all set to go with yet another screed on how anti-Trump hysteria was, and always had been, a distraction, and how the most urgent task now is to build a movement that would prevent Commander-in-Chief Hillary from provoking overt confrontations and proxy wars with nuclear powers – only to find that the Empress of Ineptitude couldn’t even defeat a billionaire buffoon, a con artist extraordinaire, who seemed uninterested in governing but only in not losing to a girl, especially one as feckless as he knew Hillary to be.

She had the backing of the entire capitalist class, including the most nefarious high flyers among them, and of all “respectable” corporate media outlets.  And, once Bernie Sanders crossed over to the Dark Side, she had no serious opposition within the Democratic Party.  She also enjoyed at least the passive support of the Republican establishment.  And yet she lost!

I thought that would be impossible; and I am not the only one.  Right up to the bitter end, it even seemed that the Trump campaign itself was getting ready to disappear down the memory hole.  Indeed, it was not until the second or third hour after the first polls closed that it started to dawn on anyone that the impossible was actually happening.

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