Ask The Blood Detective – “Gluten-A-Holic Part 1″ – 10.08.16

Are you a Gluten-A-Holic? If you suffer from any chronic health problem whatsoever then your problem could be either celiac disease, a gluten intolerance, a digestive gluten problem and or a gluten allergy. – find out the difference from the author of gluten a Holick, Dr. Michael Wald. According to Dr. WAld, your problem could be gluten – and illuminating gluten is often not enough to get well again ! Join Dr. WALD on his weekly online radio show, “Ask The Blood Detective” at PRN/ every week.  Dr. Michael Wald, has been nicknamed the Blood Detective for his keen ability to get to the cause of health problems and finding personalized, natural solutions for his clients. Join us for his gluten series during which he will dispel the myths surrounding gluten.

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