Ask The Blood Detective – Mastering Inflammation – Truth & Lies – how a natural process can cure or kill you! – 05.13.17

Inflammation can cure you – if you learn how to direct it, or kill you if you fail to take care of your body right. Sometimes inflammation is protective of your immune system, blood vessels and body tissues, but also contributes to all manner of death and disease. Join Dr. Michael Wald, aka, The BLOOD DETECTIVE, (DC, Board Certified Nutritionist), as he explores how to master inflammation so that it does not master you! Environment, foods, nutritional supplements, radiation and other “inflammation triggers” will be discussed in terms of how they trigger inflammation causing pain, nerve destruction, energy loss, memory issues, weight gain and more. Dr. Wald is a doctor of chiropractic and highly qualified nutritionist and supervisor of Integrated Nutrition of Mount Kisco in Westchester, NY. He can be reached by calling: 914-242-8844 to work with Dr. Wald professionally. His email is: info@blooddetective.com and his website is: www.IntegratedNutritionNY.com