Ask The Blood Detective – “Misunderstandings In Healthcare That Can Kill You: By Dr. Michael Wald – 12.03.16

Don’t kill yourself: mistakes leading to loss of health and early death. During this riveting conversation, Dr. Michael Wald, the blood detective, assesses, misconceptions that a number of people have when pursuing natural health. Misunderstanding including: how long does it take my new chance to work? And, can everything be cured through diet and supplements? And, if I were sick wouldn’t  I have symptoms? These and many other essential concepts will be deconstructed by Dr. WALD, the blood detective. Let Dr. WALD help you filter through the morass of miss information leading to lost Health potential. Dr. Wald can be reached by calling 914-242-8844. Email him your questions and show topic ideas to: info at or His website is:


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