B Vits: Deep-Sixing Them the Easy Way

The FDA seems to have figured out that it doesn’t need to ban B vitamins to eliminate them from the market. Action Alerts!

Injectable vitamin B12 is one of the most common treatments employed by integrative (and many conventional) physicians for the wide range of benefits it confers to patients. B12 is used to treat stress, anxiety, depression, mood-related disorders, fatigue, cognitive dysfunction, and many other conditions.

This treatment was, for many years, very affordable. As Dr. Jonathan Collin points out in the April edition of the Townsend Letter, the price of a 30cc vial of injectable B12 was around $30 in the mid-2000s—or about $1 per shot. Now, that same 30cc vial could cost as much $200—almost a 700% increase in a decade.

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