Ben Carson

Ben Carson Made Millions Sitting On Board Of Company Whose Founder Lobbied For Obamacare By Zaid Jilani

Today, the federal government released the personal financial disclosure forms for GOP presidential nominee Ben Carson. Carson made most of his money from the last few years from speaking fees to small conservative nonprofits and universities, as well as book sales.

But one of the largest individual chunks of Carson’s income comes from his board membership to the wholesale retailer Costco. According to the disclosure, Carson made between $1 million and $5 million while sitting on the Board there between 1999 and May 2015:

This is notable because of the ways that Costco departs from Carson’s conservative ideology. Its founder Jim Sinegal lobbied [3] for Obamacare and a higher minimum wage, and the company has been touted by President Obama in return. Its business practices emphasize higher wages and benefits [4], as opposed to its opponent Wal-Mart’s infamous low-wage economy.

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