BENEDIKT JUST – This Forgotten Remedy Can Detox The Heart And Nervous System

There is compelling indication that the best plant remedy for heart disease was already discovered over 150 years ago. Unfortunately, today even alternative medicine has forgotten about ouabain.

A brief summary of the ‘ouabain story’…

In 1861, on the famous Livingstone expedition in Africa, the English botanist John Kirk experienced the sudden disappearance of his heart problems after brushing his teeth. Curious to find an explanation, he noticed that his toothbrush had been in contact with seeds he’d collected from the indigenous people. They used these seeds, from the strophanthus plant, to create a deadly arrow poison.

Back in Europe, these seeds were analyzed and the extracted ‘g-Strophantin’ (the English word for the compound g-Strophantin) was introduced in Germany as a potent heart remedy in the early 20th century.

The advocates – highly respected researchers and authorities in medicine – called ouabain one of the greatest breakthroughs in heart medicine. Ouabain was labeled “the insulin of the heart” and in the 1930’s, E. Edens, the most renowned German heart specialist of the time and Nobel Prize winner announced that “The time will come, in which failure to timely start ouabain therapy will be condemned as medical malpractice.”

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